Happy New Year!

Posted By admin on Jan 2, 2014 |

Happy New Year to all my Liberal friends.

As we enter the New Year, I look forward to working with Liberal EDAs throughout BC, and particularly look forward to helping many of you get an effective local communications strategy working.

While we are awaiting the formation of the new EDA Executives (new electoral boundaries are in), I encourage you to identify your key riding ‘communicators’.  You know who these super-Liberals are:  they’re the ones who are calling everyone out to meetings, showing up in your Facebook NewsFeed all the time, popping up in your Twitter feed multiple times a day (or hour), involved in organizations like Rotary, Masons, Kiwanis, and working with local media, etc.  We’ll want to leverage their talent right now, and in the months ahead – particularly once the new EDAs are formed.

Our Party has some great messages to share, and we want to ensure we are able to get them out to the electorate – your friends and neighbours.  We also want to ensure that we are constantly building a strong local team of volunteers by communicating clear vision and goals for our EDAs and local constituencies.  That vision will mostly be communicated by our National Team, however, ensuring people in the ridings hear it is something the EDAs can assist with in a big way.  As we grow our local volunteer and ‘specialist’ teams, it will be important to effectively communicate their role and emphasize how they are so important to the big picture.

The engagement at the local level will be something that is really the purview of every local executive member, however the Communications and Organization leaders will want to be intimately involved.  The constant online (and ‘in person’/‘over the phone’) communication will help identify great team members, which will help build out the organization – the ‘core team’.  Once we have that in place (and many of you may already have that), we’ll want to discuss the local engagement aspect.

Looking forward to further engaging everyone over the next several weeks, as the new EDAs begin to take shape.

Have a great New Year!

***Herman is a community advocate, consultant, and a student of all things political. He was born and raised in Saskatchewan, and grew up across Western Canada.