True Grit

HermanHerman is a community advocate, consultant, and a student of all things political. He was born and raised in Saskatchewan, and grew up across Western Canada.

Educated in the Sciences and technology, Herman is a graduate of the Universities of Regina (B.Sc.), and Calgary, and University of San Francisco (Post Grad) where he studied Social Media Marketing in the prestigious USF School of Management.

An active Liberal for over 25 years in 3 Western Provinces, Herman has held elected and appointed posts with both the Young Liberals and Senior levels of the party.  He is a veteran of campaigns at all 3 levels of government, and has run many different aspects of various teams.  More recently, Herman has been a part of the core Justin Trudeau Leadership Team in BC, and was honoured to work with the JT National Social Media Team.

As an IT, management, and communications professional Herman has had great success in his personal business and professional life.  Herman has been consulting small businesses in creating a “web presence” for several years, and his clients vouch for his marketing skills.

Herman’s driving philosophy is one of hard work, perseverence, dedication and bridge-building.  Anyone following one of Herman’s blogs, Facebook page, or Twitter feed can certainly agree he is an extremely dedicated Liberal.  He values others’ opinions, and is motivated to constantly grow the big red tent.

In Herman’s words:

“It is wrong to practice the politics of exclusion.  For our party to succeed, we must have a party, team, and leader who are accessible to, and resound with the voting public.  The first step along that path is being open and approachable and the second key step is effectively communicating that openness.  The third step is continuing that open communication to the public and every member at all levels of the party – right down to the local EDA level.  Our party has come far in learning ‘the new ways’ of politics.  We have done much work since the 2011 Ottawa Biennial, but, as our Leader says, we still have a lot of “hope and hard work” ahead of us.”  A big part of that hard work will require communicating the good work of the Liberal party to the electorate and the masses of Liberal volunteers and supporters we’ll need to get over the top.  In the words of the great John Milton: “Good, the more communicated, more abundant grows””.

For over 25 years Herman has been a passionate advocate of the Liberal Party.

Herman first got involved in the early 80s.  His father – a huge Pierre Elliot Trudeau fan – took the family to see Mr. Trudeau on a campaign swing through Montmartre Sask., with Ralph Goodale (who was leader of the Sask. Liberals at the time).  Meeting Mr. Trudeau had a lasting effect on Herman, and the Thind family worked closely with Mr. Goodale and the Saskatchewan Liberal team in every election since.

Herman was part of the group of Young Liberals who created the first University of Regina Young Liberals Club.  Herman served as VP Policy for the club, and was very active in communicating the Liberal message to the campus.  During this time he organized youth for leadership and nomination meetings, and organized media to get the Liberal message out.

In late 1992, Herman joined the core Committee to Nominate Ralph Goodale as the candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in Regina Wascana.  As part of the team, Herman worked as a youth and community organizer.  He also was a Zone Captain responsible for delivering votes from 10 different polls.  The nomination in Wascana was the largest nomination meeting in Saskatchewan history, as over 7000 Liberals voted to nominate a candidate to square off against Conservative Cabinet Minister, Larry Schneider (a former Regina Mayor).  After the Goodale victory Herman was engaged in the riding canvass.  He was also involved in the Provincial Federal Liberal Council.

In the 1993 Saskatchewan Liberal Convention Herman was elected as VP Finance for the Sask Young Liberals.  Since the party in Saskatchewan was combined Federal & Provincial at the time, this role was both Federal and Provincial.  Herman’s nomination speech delivered a message of unity and progress – a view Herman still espouses today:  One party – one goal.

Herman had the opportunity to serve as a member of the Federal Budget Consultation Committee as the Chretien Government sought public feedback on the focus of budget cuts, as this nation faced one of it’s greatest debt crises in history.  Herman worked to engage youth and community leaders for their opinion, bringing them to speak before the committee.

Since the 1993 Federal electoral victories, Herman has worked in a variety of municipal, provincial, and federal elections, and served on Federal and Provincial Liberal constituency boards in various capacities.  He was the first speaker in favour of the Liberal Party’s Same-Sex Marriage Resolution at the Ottawa Biennial Convention in 2005, ran E-Day for Calgary HQ during the 2006 Leadership Campaign, and has been part of the ‘Young Turks’ movement in the party in recent years.